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To our retail customers, these items are FREE with your purchase.
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Road frontage signHelp draw business into your store by advertising by your road frontage that you carry Lucky Buck Mineral! Wire H-Frame included. Only ships with pallet quantity.


Mineral Usage CalendarHelp your customers by providing them with a visual representation of when deer need mineral in relation to the calendar year and their optimal antler growth! Comes in a laminated poster format.


Retailer Pallet Wrap DisplayGive your Lucky Buck inventory a face lift with this new pallet wrap! Subtly remind customers of the reason they should keep an extra bucket or two of Lucky Buck on hand this spring, summer, and fall! Great for either a standard pallet size or with a little modification also fits around a half-pallet.


Clear Static Cling Lucky Buck DecalA clear static cling decal to showcase on either a storefront window or the back of your huntin’ truck! Put an extra one on your wife’s minivan.


Lucky Buck BrochureOrder a free bundle of our 2014 brochures to have available for your customers to look at while they make their purchasing decision!

Retailers, contact us about receiving these Point of Purchase materials free of charge with your next order!

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We never get sick of hearing this from our customers! #whatamonster ... See MoreSee Less

This is what lucky buck has been doing for me! What a monster!!

2 days ago

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Mitch MitchellUs too2 days ago

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Post your bucks on our facebook page like this one from David Shelby! ... See MoreSee Less


2 days ago

Thanks to Michael W. for sending us this pic. Do you put your mineral sites close to water? ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Jay FlintBest product out there. Been using it for years my deer love it and continue to get bigger each year2   ·  6 days ago

Robert Webb100 yrds from pond1   ·  6 days ago

Bethe GettleSometimes.4 days ago

Sean KenneyPicked up 5 buckets today!6 days ago

Justin Pandorf6 days ago

Justin Pandorf6 days ago

Justin Pandorf6 days ago

Justin Pandorf6 days ago

Justin Pandorf6 days ago

Michael WulfHere's the mineral site right 100 yds uphill from the creek.6 days ago

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How do you explain your love of bow hunting to a gun hunter? ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Hazel Bigelow GallagherA hunter is a hunter we all understand the passion regardless of what season we hunt. Why would hunters sit here and bash other hunters it makes no sense.2   ·  1 week ago

Quinn MartinIts passion. You can't put that into words2   ·  1 week ago

Scott CampbellBow hunters are in the woods the whole seasons. We can get up close. Gun hunters are two week hunters and like 100 yrd shots2   ·  1 week ago

Billy FitzgeraldYou cant they dont understand it!1   ·  1 week ago

Glen FisherWe live in Michigan its like talking to brick walls! 1   ·  1 week ago

Bobby Claytonits heart pounding1 week ago

Doug Ramblin Man EdwardsDo you like hunting deer for a couple weeks out of the year? How about if you could do it for 3 months out of the year?1 week ago

Donnie EdwardsI got story my buddy use to laugh at me and say why you want to take a string and stick in the woods . Finally got him to shoot one day after that he borrowed a old Hoyt got good enough to he killed a deer went the next day after that bought a new pse that season well let's just say he waxed my butt .. But true story1 week ago

George Scheuering JrU can't1 week ago

Justin PandorfU can't 1 week ago

Collin BeavanYou take them on a bowhunt to film you, gets em hooked1 week ago

Ryan HollimanAnd by the way, in Mississippi it's illegal to hunt over stuff such as Lucky Buck, or bait of any type!1 week ago

Ryan HollimanI just like guns, I bow hunted successfully! In south Mississippi where deer are still hunted with dogs and are wild as they come! But I like guns! Doesn't make me less of a hunter! I support your right to bow hunt, u should respect my right not too! This is the stuff that fuels antis against us!1 week ago

Roger ManclThe challenge, and the fresh smell of fall. And seeing and hearing all the different animals getting ready for fall. Getting close to your game.1 week ago

Jenna Leisring DunnI love gun and bow hunting both. I like different aspects of each weapon.....1 week ago

Victor DelleaI bow hunt and gun hunt so does alot of people are in my area1 week ago

Dudley ThibodeauxI love bow hunting and gun just as much1 week ago

Charlie YokleyI say it's the challenge! Anyone could sit on top of my neighbors house and pick me off with a rifle from 400 yards. But it's not so easy when they have to sit on my mantel and draw a bow back while I'm in my recliner!!!1 week ago

Robert WebbTell them to go bow hunting1 week ago

Frank TuckerYou can't1 week ago

Chris ClevelandTHE RUSH IT GIVES YOU.1 week ago

Jesse ArchambeauEasily, simply tell em "there is actually a challenge to it" and then show off my rifle hunted trophies. 1 week ago

Ryan BoikThere is no way of explaining it to them. You have to experience it to understand. 1 week ago

Erik MayThere is no explanation for it. It's not a sport it's a passion1 week ago

Mu'tasim Yahya Middletonits a culture lol i just love it1 week ago

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