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To our retail customers, these items are FREE with your purchase.
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Road frontage signHelp draw business into your store by advertising by your road frontage that you carry Lucky Buck Mineral! Wire H-Frame included. Only ships with pallet quantity.


Mineral Usage CalendarHelp your customers by providing them with a visual representation of when deer need mineral in relation to the calendar year and their optimal antler growth! Comes in a laminated poster format.


Retailer Pallet Wrap DisplayGive your Lucky Buck inventory a face lift with this new pallet wrap! Subtly remind customers of the reason they should keep an extra bucket or two of Lucky Buck on hand this spring, summer, and fall! Great for either a standard pallet size or with a little modification also fits around a half-pallet.


Clear Static Cling Lucky Buck DecalA clear static cling decal to showcase on either a storefront window or the back of your huntin’ truck! Put an extra one on your wife’s minivan.


Lucky Buck BrochureOrder a free bundle of our 2014 brochures to have available for your customers to look at while they make their purchasing decision!


Retailers, contact us about receiving these Point of Purchase materials free of charge with your next order!

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The grass is turning green! NOW IS THE TIME to start putting out Lucky Buck! Dave explains how to use Lucky Buck in his video... ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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David ByersAgreed Corey Gibson but look at the percentage of salt. Most are 99 percent. How is that good. There are a few out there that are a lot less. More salt makes them thirsty which means they drink more and eat less5 days ago

David ByersIt's almost all salt. Not good for the deer.6 days ago

Dave MathisSalt6 days ago

Corey GibsonThere is salt in almost all the minerals u but it's the other stuff that's in it that makes it work1   ·  5 days ago

Terry Skeet SkinnerThey need it in the winter1   ·  6 days ago

Paul Jankens2   ·  6 days ago

Al JohnsonThey dig holes eating it6 days ago

Travis HamiltonI need to start6 days ago

Lawrence Walz IIIGood stuff6 days ago

Terry Skeet SkinnerBeen doing that year around Travis Hamilton6 days ago

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What kind of trail cams do you use over your Lucky Buck sites? ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Sean P SaundersAnd Covert .1 week ago

Michael WulfMoultrie and WGI1 week ago

Lane DavidsonCuddeback, because I like pictures of deer1 week ago

Matt TechelCuddeback Capture1 week ago

Robert WellerMoultrie1 week ago

Tim WoodworthStealth1 week ago

Jordan LaucksHCO Scoutguard1 week ago

Brad TrouttBrowning strike force1 week ago

Dorothy McCarrenBushnell and moultrie1 week ago

Robert Ginger FisherBushnell and Plot Watcher Pro1 week ago

Ronald AbramsCovert1 week ago

George Scheuering JrBushnell trophy cam HD1 week ago

Tommy LeachMoultrie, cuddeback1 week ago

Josh AshleyBrowning & Covert1 week ago

Sean KenneyBrowning Recon1 week ago

Jason MertensI Sit out there and take my own pics with my phone1 week ago

Bud BischoffMoultrie they work great for me1 week ago

Craig FussnerMountie1 week ago

Dan RolbieckiWildgame innovations1 week ago

Mike ChaulkMoultrie M990i's.1 week ago

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Right now is time to get your Lucky Buck out in front of those cameras. Pretty soon you'll be getting pictures like this! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Christie N Chad WhitisThose top 2 r ky deer this is what we had on camera last yr. Thanks for showing2 weeks ago

Christie N Chad WhitisWe named that back deer knuckles. He was killed by my brother law about 50 yards from the lucky buck sire2 weeks ago

Christie N Chad WhitisWe need some more lucky buck. Be glad when stores get it in. Thanks this stuff is great2 weeks ago

Heath BuchananOr this...2 weeks ago

BobbynAngela ClaytonHere's another pic of the 9ptr2 weeks ago

BobbynAngela ClaytonMy big one got killed bye neighbors He was 9ptr 23 inches inside with 2 kicker2 weeks ago

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How many of you are getting your camera's out so you can watch your bucks develop into monsters this spring and summer? ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

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Weight Loss Secret For Women ONLYI think when I work 14 hours a day, seven days a week, I get lucky.2   ·  2 weeks ago

George Scheuering JrMe all year long4 weeks ago

Craig Fussnerhad them out since march 1, w lucky buck4 weeks ago

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Brandon BaxterReal Deer4 weeks ago

Christie N Chad WhitisB. Really like shooting my crossbow at 3D.4 weeks ago

Sean BackerBoth.4 weeks ago

Robert MusgroveA when you don't have B4 weeks ago

George Scheuering JrB it make u better in real life situations4 weeks ago

Daryl ChipeleskiB4 weeks ago

Scott CampbellB4 weeks ago

Les MorrisB4 weeks ago

Gary D. HarmonA4 weeks ago

Marc MunsellB4 weeks ago

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