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To our retail customers, these items are FREE with your purchase.
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Road frontage signHelp draw business into your store by advertising by your road frontage that you carry Lucky Buck Mineral! Wire H-Frame included. Only ships with pallet quantity.


Mineral Usage CalendarHelp your customers by providing them with a visual representation of when deer need mineral in relation to the calendar year and their optimal antler growth! Comes in a laminated poster format.


Retailer Pallet Wrap DisplayGive your Lucky Buck inventory a face lift with this new pallet wrap! Subtly remind customers of the reason they should keep an extra bucket or two of Lucky Buck on hand this spring, summer, and fall! Great for either a standard pallet size or with a little modification also fits around a half-pallet.


Clear Static Cling Lucky Buck DecalA clear static cling decal to showcase on either a storefront window or the back of your huntin’ truck! Put an extra one on your wife’s minivan.


Lucky Buck BrochureOrder a free bundle of our 2014 brochures to have available for your customers to look at while they make their purchasing decision!

Retailers, contact us about receiving these Point of Purchase materials free of charge with your next order!

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Don't you just love discovering these gems on your trail cam SD card? #ohiobuck ... See MoreSee Less

here's another ohio monster....I can't wait till sept 27 so I can be waiting for this bruiser....

2 days ago

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Jayson BierleinJust a lil over a week.. Cant wait !!2 days ago

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Another #OhioBuck on Lucky Buck ... See MoreSee Less

One of four Lucky Buck spots on this property. — in Ohio.

2 days ago

A customer who wants to stay anonymous sent us this picture from Oklahoma. What a monster! ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

Post your mineral sites like this one from Kyle!

"Well this is just freaking ridiculous! Not even two weeks ago this was 2' high grass! And now its a crater! Its deer magic!!!" - Kyle A.
... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Greg TrelloWill this contribute to the spread of EHD?1   ·  1 week ago

Erick McClellanHammer the lucky buck. Every year1   ·  1 week ago

Blake WhelchelBest mineral there is! Does wonders for both bodies and antlers!1 week ago

Donnie EdwardsLast season this year healthy deer !1 week ago

Donnie EdwardsFrom November last year to march this year I love this stuff not only good for the horns it's does good for there bodies1 week ago

Blake PetersonKodie Aldridge1 week ago

David ShelbyBefore and after1 week ago

Amanda Hall1 week ago

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Anyone setting up stands or blinds this weekend? ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Scott CampbellLucky buck mineral spot1   ·  2 weeks ago

Brice Winget1   ·  2 weeks ago

Michael HayashiWestern hunter hear we put in miles on foot. No blowing farts in the wind from tree stands!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Ronald W. Moubray Jr.Set them up? I never take them down. Haha1   ·  2 weeks ago

Mike PhillipsBeing a michigan native and using lucky for the first time this year and let me tell you. Deer everywhere! No shooters yet but already naming bucks and can't wait to see how big they get in the next few years!1 week ago

Marc MunsellBuilding and setting!2 weeks ago

Jason NelsonFinished last weekend, just waiting now. 177 more hrs to go till it opens up!2 weeks ago

Lee Smithto late, been done for weeks.2 weeks ago

Joshua Milhornalready have, just waiting on that magical morning! can't wait ! good luck everyone2 weeks ago

Mel HamedYep, setting tripod tomorrow. Last of 6 new set ups not that it'll matter #358Hoosier on a positive note....I only use your product....its the only one that works. Thanks fellas2 weeks ago

Scott PlumleyYes and need some lucky buck to2 weeks ago

Terry CooperYes sir2 weeks ago

Jr DeaneHanging 4 tomorrow2 weeks ago

Adam ShiverAlready done!2 weeks ago

Eric WheelerSet up ready to go been done a while ago...2 weeks ago

Ben RalphGot to set up two more for hunting camp ! An recharge the battery in one of the feeders2 weeks ago

Shawn Burrismine hav been set up2 weeks ago

Jayson BierleinAlready done, just have to go lock up the stand. forgot my lock.2 weeks ago

Richard GurganusAlready got everything set up.2 weeks ago

Scott CampbellDid and already have been out this morning and heading back out later2 weeks ago

Chris WolfeToday was our opener for bow2 weeks ago

Kristina Prattalready done, just waiting2 weeks ago

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