Lucky Buck Perfect Perennial Seed

Four years of research and seed selection has produced Lucky Buck Perfect Perennial! Selected legume varieties provide longevity of stand and full season whitetail attraction that is unsurpassed by any other.

Lasting a full 4-6 years, Perfect Perennial will save huge reseeding costs as well as provide the optimum array of maturity dates which create a continuous draw to whitetail throughout antler growth months and hunting season. Lucky Buck brand products are design to greatly improve your chances at record book bucks.

How is Perfect Perennial better than the rest?

Most other blends of food plot seeds have a lot of “2 year” clovers. Labeled perennials, they are actually bi-annuals and make for a disappointing stand in 2 or 3 years. Perfect Perennial has all true perennials and will last 4-6 years.

Is it worth the extra money to plant Perfect Perennial rather than a cheap clover or alfalfa?

The key to the quality of any forage is its stage of maturity. Different varieties have different times when they reach their ideal stage. By mowing any variety at exactly the right times throughout the year, you can do a fair job of keeping optimum maturity. Different weather conditions change the timing each year. Perfect Perennial has 10 different varieties that are all selected for maturing at a different time throughout the season. Even without mowing, Perfect Perennial will have something that will attract the deer at any time of the year.

When do I plant Perfect Perennial?

Either spring or fall work well. Early spring through mid June or the last half of August through mid September. Avoid the hottest driest part of the summer in late June through the first part of August.

Do I need to work the ground?

We strongly recommend killing the existing vegetative growth with a contact herbicide like Round Up. Then, either work the soil or use a no till drill. Do not plant too deep. With a well tilled plot you can just broadcast and then roll or cultipack in to get maximum seed to soil contact.

What should the PH of the soil be?

We like an ideal of 7.0, but 6.5 is OK. Don’t even plant if it is under 6.2.

How much sunlight does the plot need?

Don’t plant Perfect Perennial if it will not get at least 2 hours of potential sunlight each day.

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