State Regulation List: Baiting & Feeding

State Regulations List: Feeding & Baiting Deer

Mar Vo State Regulations List: Feeding & Baiting Deer

Listly by Mar Vo

This list is only our interpretation of the often vague and confusing state regulations on feeding and/or baiting deer. It is your responsibility to check with your state government for an up-to-date interpretation. This information was last collected and updated on 9-23-2013. Generally, each state publishes updated regulations during the summer months. Look for this list to be updated at the end of each summer.

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  1. 1  Alabama


    It is illegal to "hunt any area where baiting/feeding has occurred until 10 days after all bait/feed has been removed or consumed."(pg 44) If hunting private land--"any bait or feed located beyond 100 yards and not within the line of site of the hunter, is not a lure or attractant..."(pg 20)
    Phone: 602-942-3000

  2. 2  Arizona


    "Using edible or ingestible substances, other than water or salt based products produced for the livestock industry, to aid in the taking of big game is unlawful." (pg 106)
    Phone: 602-942-3000

  3. 3  Arkansas


    Baiting is the direct or indirect placing, exposing, depositing, distributing or scattering of salt, grain or other feed that could serve to lure or attract wildlife to, on or over an area where hunters are attempting to take them. An area is considered baited for 10 days following complete removal of bait.

    • Hunters may bait deer on private land.
    • Baiting is not allowed on wildlife management areas.

    Phone: 800-440-1477

  4. 4  Colorado


    ...the use of baits and other aids in hunting or taking big game... is prohibited. (pg 10)
    "Baiting" means the placing, exposing, depositing, distributing, or scattering of any salt, mineral, grain, or other feed so as to constitute a lure, attraction or enticement for wildlife. (pg 1)
    Phone: 303-297-1192

  5. 5  Connecticut


    Legal to feed deer out of hunting season. Legal to use Lucky Buck Mineral Supplement during hunting season only on private land in zones 11 and 12. Any bait designed for consumption is illegal in zones 1 to 10 and on all public land. Scent attractants are legal.
    Phone: 860-424-3000

  6. 6  Delaware


    Legal to feed deer. Legal to bait deer on private land only.
    Phone: 302-739-9912

  7. 7  Florida


    "Taking game on lands...upon which corn, wheat, grain, food or other substances have been deposited by means other than normal agricultural harvesting or planting is prohibited, except--Resident game may be hunted in proximity of year-round game-feeding stations on private lands, provided the feeding station has been maintained with feed for at least six months prior to taking resident game." (pg 21)
    Phone: 850-488-4676 or 386-758-0525

  8. 8  Georgia


    Legal to place feed or mineral for deer on private property only in Southern Deer Zone (with written permission from land owner). Not legal to hunt within sight or within 200 yards of deer bait in Northern Zone. Must be removed 10 days prior to hunting. (pg 32)
    Phone: 912-685-2145

  9. 9  Idaho


    "Hunt any game animal by means of baiting with the exception of applicable rules for the black bear baiting permit... Bait is defined as any
    substance placed to attract game animals, except liquid
    scent for deer and elk." (pg 98)
    Phone: 208-334-3700

  10. 10  Illinois


    "It is illegal to use salt, corn or any other kind of bait. An area is considered as
    baited during the presence of and for 10 consecutive days following the
    removal of bait. NOTE: Feeding deer is also illegal, although there are
    certain exemptions such as food plots. Consult the hunting digest for more
    complete information."
    Hunting Digest
    Late Winter/CWD Map
    Phone: 217-782-6431

  11. 11  Indiana


    "It is illegal to use bait, salt... to take deer. Bait is considered any product that is transported into a hunting area and placed there for animal consumption. Baits can be in the form of salt, mineral blocks, prepared solid or liquid, or piles of apples or other food that is intended for the animal to eat. An area is considered to be baited for 10 days after the removal of the bait and any affected soil." (pg 24)
    Phone: 317-232-4080

  12. 12  Iowa


    Not legal to bait deer. However use of mineral supplements during the growing season does not appear to be restricted.
    Phone: 515-281-5918

  13. 13  Kansas


    Legal to feed and bait deer except state land. Prohibited within 100 yards on public land. Bait must be removed 10 days prior to hunting. Liquid scents and sprays are exempt.
    Phone: 785-296-2281

  14. 14  Kentucky


    Illegal to bait or feed deer on public land and wildlife management areas. There do not appear to be restrictions for private land.
    Phone: 800-858-1549

  15. 15  Louisiana


    Illegal to use bait in wildlife management areas. However use of mineral supplements during the growing season does not appear to be restricted.
    Phone: 318-371-3049

  16. 16  Maine


    "Baiting deer by placing salt or any other bait or food to entice deer or hunting from an observation stand or blind overlooking salt, grain, fruit, nuts, or other foods known to be attractive to deer, during any open hunting season on deer is prohibited." (pg 19)
    Phone: 207-287-8000

  17. 17  Maryland


    "Baiting deer is legal, except on State-owned or State-controlled properties, or areas where it is specifically prohibited due to Chronic Wasting Disease..."
    There is a CWD Management Area defined as "that section of Allegany County with the Private Land Code number of 233."
    Phone: 410-260-8367

  18. 18  Massachusetts


    "Baiting... deer during or within 10 days of the start of the season" is prohibited. (pg 30)
    Phone: 508-389-6326

  19. 19  Michigan


    From Oct. 1 to Jan. 1. hunters may place any type of bait, no more than two gallons at a time, across a 10-foot by 10-foot area per hunting location. Recreational Feeding: Property owners may place two gallons of bait on their property within 100 yards of their residence year-round. Baiting and feeding will still be prohibited in Deer Management Unit 487 and/or in Alcona, Alpena, Iosco, Montmorency, Oscoda, and Presque Isle Counties.
    Phone: 517-373-2329

  20. 20  Minnesota


    Legal to feed deer. Bait must be completely removed 10 days prior to hunting. Lucky Buck Mineral IS CONSIDERED BAIT because it contains an apple flavoring. However it appears to be legal during the growing season outside of hunting.
    NEW: "Permit area 602, the former chronic wasting disease (CWD) management
    area in southeastern Minnesota, has been dissolved as a result of three
    consecutive years of testing without a sample testing positive for CWD.
    Management has reverted to former permit areas 341 and 343." (pg 65)
    Phone: 888-646-6367

  21. 21  Mississippi


    Legal to feed deer with grain products as long as the feeders are elevated. Feeding and mineral supplements are legal all year as long as they are not hunted within line of sight. Bait must be removed 10 days prior to start of season if hunting near mineral/feed site.
    Phone: 601-432-2400

  22. 22  Missouri


    Legal to feed deer until 10 days prior to hunting. Then, no food sources are allowed for deer bait. Lucky Buck mineral is legal as a bait as it contains no grain products. Due to recent CWD cases there is now a feeding ban in parts or all of Adair, Chariton, Linn, Macon, Randolph and Sullivan counties. Please check with local regulatory agency before placing mineral where deer can access it in these counties. (see pg 3 of regulations)
    Phone: 573-751-4115

  23. 23  Montana


    It is illegal to hunt with the aid of bait, including salt. For this reason, Lucky Buck Mineral is not legal to use as bait during hunting season.
    Phone: N/A

  24. 24  Nebraska


    Legal to feed deer. Cannot hunt over anything within 200 yards that was placed within 60 days.
    Phone: 402-471-5442

  25. 25  Nevada


    Not legal to feed deer or bait deer.
    Phone: 775-688-1500

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